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Fish Tape Reel Puller 15M

Fish Tape Reel Puller 15M

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15M Flexible Fish Tape Wire Puller with Impact-Resistant Case

This 15M flexible fish tape wire puller is perfect for pulling wires and cables through walls, ceilings, and other tight spaces.

15M Flexible Fish Tape Wire Puller features an impact-resistant plastic housing, Fish Tape Wire Puller for Walls & Ceilings comfortable and durable grip, and easy-to-carry handle with integrated thumb lock.

- Compact and durable design Fish Tape Wire Puller
- Easy to hold and carry Durable Fish Tape Wire Puller
- High-impact plastic housing Strong Tensile Force Fish Tape
- Comfortable grip Easy-to-Use Fish Tape Wire Puller
- Easy-to-use thumb lock Breakproof Fish Tape Wire Puller
- Strong tensile force Comfortable Grip Fish Tape Wire Puller
- Breakproof steel wire Tight Space Fish Tape Wire Puller
- Built-in thumb lock holds the cable in place
- Finger adjustment grips around the reel
- Fits in the hand comfortably Electrical Wire Pulling Fish Tape
- Glides through difficult curves without sticking or hooking

- Perfect for pulling wires through ceilings, walls, ducts, PVC, piping, ventilation, under carpet, insulation, and more.

- Fish Tape Wire Puller Durable Fish Tape - 15M
- Warranty Period: 100 DAYS
- Material: ABS + Steel Wire
- Steel Wire length: 15m
- Size: ( Dia. x Thickness): 3 x 1.3mm
- Weight: Approx. 1.2Kg
- Color: Red (As shown)

Package Contents:
1 - Fish Tape Wire Puller

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